Captain James Dumas

Captain James Dumas is a full time fishing guide and is based out of St. Augustine, FL. He specializes in light tackle and fly fishing for species such as red fish, trout, flounder as well as tarpon & cobia.

Whether you are a die-hard fisherman or are a first-timer, Captain James Dumas will do his very best to make your experience an enjoyable one. He enjoys helping anglers perfect their skills, as well as teaching a child how to cast a fishing rod for the first time.

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I am a native Floridian and have been around the water my entire life. At a very young age I was exploring neighborhood canals in search of the giant bass and bluegill that called south Florida home. In my teens, I started seriously fishing for large inshore saltwater species, mainly snook and tarpon. I've followed my passion for fishing and have lived in places like Costa Rica and the outer island chain of Belize.

I settled down in Northeast Florida nearly 20 years ago. We are very fortunate to have a relatively untouched waterway that is loaded with fish. We have a somewhat newly discovered fishery for Florida that is perfect for shallow water fishing. Our fish are unpressured compared to the crowded waters of South Florida. My passion for fishing has grown in this part of Florida. I enjoy getting in extremely shallow waters and sight fishing tailing red fish and top water crushing trout. I have a very shallow drafting boat so I am able to explore and find fish that are not seen often and are unpressured to fishing.

Now that you know my passion for fishing, I hope I will be able to share that with you. I am a full-time fishing guide and fish every day to make sure that you consistently stay on the fish during your charter with me. I am a Coast Guard licensed boat captain and fully insured.

~ Captain James

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